Dr. George Sewell

John Nichols, in Select Collection of Poems with Notes Biographical and Historical (1780-82) 7:133-34n.

This gentleman, who was universally esteemed for his amiable disposition, is better known as an elegant writer and an excellent poet than in his own profession. He was born at Windsor, where his father was treasurer and chapter-clerk of the college. He received his education at Eton-school, and at Peter-house, Cambridge; where having taken the degree of B.M. he went to Leyden, to study under Boerhaave, and on his return practised physic in the metropolis with reputation. In the latter part of his life he retired to Hampstead, where he pursued his profession with some degree of success untill three other physicians came to settle at the same place, when his practice so far declined as to yield him very little advantage. He kept no house, but was a boarder. He was much esteemed, and so frequently invited to the tables of gentlemen in the neighbourhood, that he had seldom occasion to dine at home. He died the 8th of February, 1726; and was supposed to be very indigent at the time of his death, as he was interred on the 12th of the same month in the meanest manner, his coffin being little better than those allotted by the parish to the poor who are buried from the workhouse; neither did a single friend or relation attend him to the grave. No memorial was placed over his remains; but they lie just under a hollow tree which formed a part of a hedge-row that was once the boundary of the church yard [list of works omitted].