Rev. Samuel Croxall

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 40.

A Young Gentleman now living, whose Father was Minister of Hampton upon Thames, where he was born. He was educated at Eton, and from thence Elected to the University of Cambridge, and is now House-Chaplain of the Royall Palace of Hampton-Court. The first Poetical Pieces he Published, were under a fictitious Character, viz.

I. Two Original CANTOS of Spenser; Being Satires on the Earl of Oxford's Administration.

II. An ODE humbly inscrib'd to the King, occasion'd by his Majesty's most Auspicious Succession and Arrival. Written in the Stanza and Measure of Spenser.

III. The VISION. A Poem.

IV. Translations from OVID'S Metamorphoses, viz. The VI. Book, The Story of Nisus and Scylla, The Labyrinth, and Daedelus and Icarus, from the VIII. Book, most part of the XI. Book, and the Funeral of Memnon from the XIII. Book.