Dr. Henry Baker

John Nichols, in Literary Anecdotes of the XVIII Century (1812-15) 5:276.

Mr. Baker was a poetical writer in the early part of his life. His Invocation to Health got abroad without his knowledge, but was reprinted by himself in his Original Poems serious and humorous, in two parts, published in 1725 and 1726. Among these poems are some tales as witty and as loose as Prior's. He was the author also of The Universe, A Poem, intended to restrain the Pride of Man, which has been often reprinted. It has been said of Mr. Baker, that "he was a philosopher in little things." If it was intended by this language to lessen his reputation, it has no propriety. He was an intelligent, upright, and benevolent man, much respected by those who knew him best. His friends were the friends of science and virtue. He was ever ready to promote by his own exertions, and to contribute and assist others, in whatever could tend to the advancement of knowledge, and the benefit of society.