Rev. John Dyer

Isaac Reed, in Dodsley, A Collection of Poems (1782) 1:227-28n.

Mr. John Dyer was the second son of Robert Dyer of Aberglasney, in Caermarthenshire, a solicitor of great capacity and note. He was born in the year 1700, and received his education at Westminster-school, from whence he returned home, being designed for his father's profession. Disliking the study of the law, he relinquished it on the death of his parent, and having an inclination for painting, became a pupil to Mr. Richardson. He then travelled into Italy, continued some time at Rome, and came to England in 1740. His proficiency as an artist seems to have been but inconsiderable; and this circumstance, joined to an ill state of health, and the love of study, determined him to the church. He therefore entered into holy orders, and in 1741 obtained the living of Calthorp, in Leicestershire. In 1752 he was presented to the rectory of Coningsby, and soon after had that of Kirkby given him in addition. On the two latter he remained during the rest of his life, which ended in July 1758, of a consumptive disorder, which he had struggled with many years.