Rev. Moses Browne

David Erskine Baker, in Companion to the Play-House (1764) 2:Sig. D1v.

Mr. Moses Browne. — Who this gentleman was, or whether or whether yet living I know not, all the Information I can procure concerning him is, that he was Author of two Pieces, which were both represented together, and have pretty nearly an equal Degree of Merit. They are entitled, 1. All bedevilled. F. 2. Polidus. T. The first was acted by way of an Entertainment added to the second. — Neither of them however were performed at a Theatre Royal, or even by regular Actors, but only by some Gentlemen of the Author's Acquaintance, for their own Diversion and the Gratification of his Vanity, at a Place which in the Title Page is called the private Theatre in St. Alban's Street, but this I imagine to have been nothing more than some School or Assembly Room fitted up for the immediate Occasion of this Play, and other Representations of that Kind.