Richard Cumberland

Isaac Reed, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1782) 1:100-01.

RICHARD CUMBERLAND. This gentleman is son to Dr. Cumberland, bishop of Kilmore, in Ireland, by Joanna, youngest daughter of the celebrated Dr. Richard Bentley. He is a very prolific, but unequal, writer; some of his Comedies making near approaches towards excellence, while other of his works, as may be presumed from the hasty composition of them, are by no means calculated to support the reputation he has acquired. He is solicitor and clerk of the Reports in the Trade and Plantation Office, and hath given the public the following performances:

1. The Banishment of Cicero. T. 4to. 1761.
2. The Summer's Tale. C. 8vo. 1765.
3. Amelia. M. B. 8vo. 1768.
4. The Brothers. C. 8vo. 1769.
5. The West Indian. C. 8vo. 1771.
6. Amelia. M. E. altered, 8vo. 1771.
7. Timon of Athens. altered. T. 8vo. 1771.
8. The Fashionable Lover. C. 8vo. 1772.
9. The Note of Hand. F. 8vo. 1774.
10. The Choleric Man. 8vo. 1775.
11. The Battle of Hastings. T. 8vo. 1778.
12. Calypso. O. 8vo. 1779.
13. The Bondsman, altered. T. C. 1779. N. P.
14. The Duke of Milan. altered. T. 1779. N. P.
15. The Widow of Delphi. O. 8vo. 1780. N. P.