Gilbert West

Thomas Campbell, in Specimens of the British Poets (1819; 1845) 428.

The translator of Pindar was the son of the Rev. Dr. West, who published an edition of the same classic at Oxford. His mother was sister to Sir Richard Temple, afterward Lord Cobham. Though bred at Oxford with a view to the church, he embraced the military life for some time, but left it for the employment of Lord Townsend, then Secretary of State, with whom he accompanied the king to Hanover. Through this interest he was appointed clerk extraordinary to the privy council, a situation which however was not immediately profitable. He married soon after, and retired to Wickham, in Kent, where his residence was often visited by Pitt and Lord Lyttelton. There he wrote his Observations on the Resurrection, for which the University of Oxford made him a doctor of laws. He succeeded at last to a lucrative clerkship of the privy council, and Mr. Pitt made him deputy-treasurer of Chelsea Hospital; but this accession to his fortune came but a short time previous to his death, which was occasioned by a stroke of the palsy.