Rev. Moses Browne

Stephen Jones, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1812) 1:75.

MOSES BROWNE, was originally a pen-cutter; but afterwards entered into holy orders, under the patronage of Hervey, author of the Meditations, and became vicar of Olney, in Bucks, and chaplain to Morden College. He was the author of a poem called Sunday Thoughts, Piscatory Eclogues, and several other pieces, some of which are possessed of considerable merit. In his youth (for he was born in the year 1703), he wrote two dramas, which were both represented together, and have pretty nearly an equal degree of merit. They are entitled,

1. Polidus. T. 8vo. 1723.

2. All bedevilled. F. 8vo. 1723.

The second was acted by way of an entertainment added to the first. Neither of them, however, were performed at a theatre royal, or even by regular actors; but only by some gentlemen of the author's acquaintance, for their own diversion and gratification of his vanity, at a place which, in the title-page, is called the private theatre in St. Alban's Street, but was really nothing more than some school, or assembly-room, fitted up for the immediate occasion of this play, and other representations of that kind. Mr. Browne died Sept 13, 1787.