Rev. Moses Browne

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine 57 (September 1787) 840-41.

At Morden College, aged 84, Rev. Moses Browne, chaplain to that college, and vicar of Olney, co. Bucks, and of Sutton, co. Lincoln. His character having been already delineated (see. p. 286) in an elegant quotation from Sir John Hawkins, we shall only add, here, that Mr. B's Sunday Thoughts, his Piscatory Eclogues, and several other of his political productions, are allowed to possess much merit. In 1723 he published two dramatic pieces, Polidus, a Tragedy, and All bedevilled, a Farce. The second of these was acted by way of an entertainment to the first. Neither of them, however, were performed at a Theatre-royal, or even by regular actors, but only by some gentlemen of the author's acquaintance, for their own diversion and the gratification of his vanity, at a place which in the title page is called The private Theatre in St. Alban's Street; but this is imagined to have been nothing more than some school or assembly-room, fitted up for the immediate occasion of this play, and other representations of that kind. — We have just received an inscription to his memory, which shall appear next month.