David Mallet

Isaac Reed, in Pearch, Supplement to Dodsley (1783) 1:115-16n.

David Mallet, Esq; originally called Malloch, was born in Scotland of mean parents, whose penury compelled him to be Janitor of the High School at Edinburgh; an office which could confer no honour on the holder of it. He surmounted, however, the disadvantages of his birth and fortune; for when the Duke of Montrose applied to the College of Edinburgh for a tutor to educate his sons, Mr. Mallet was recommended, and with his pupils afterwards made the tour of Europe. In 1734, he took the degree of M.A. at St. Mary Hall, Oxford; and in 1740 was appointed Under Secretary to the Prince of Wales. At the accession of his present Majesty, he took part with his countryman Lord Bute, and was rewarded with the place of Keeper of the Book of Entries for Ships in the Port of London. He had before that period enjoyed a considerable pension. Towards the latter end of his life, he went to France; but finding his health declining, he returned to England, and died in April 1765.