Rev. Sneyd Davies

John Nichols, in Select Collection of Poems with Notes Biographical and Historical (1780-82) 6:114; 8:307.

Then fellow of King's College, Cambridge; afterwards rector of Kingsland in Herefordshire, prebendary of Litchfield, archdeacon of Derby, and D.D. He died February 6, 1769. His poems in Dodsley, vol. V. viz. Vacuna, Epithalamion, on J[ohn] W[haley] ranging Pamphlets, To a Gentleman on the birth day of his first son, and On two friends born on the same Day; and in vol. VI. To the Hon. and Rev. F[rederick] C[ornwallis], To the Reverend T[homas] T[aylor], D.D., To C[harles] P[ratt], Esq., At seeing Archbishop Williams's Monument, in Carnarvonshire, together with his imitations of Horace in Mr. Duncomb's edition, all anonymous, bear ample testimony to his uncommon genius and erudition.

Dr. Davies was a man of amiable character, of a good private fortune, Kingsland rectory being in his own patronage; and was made archdeacon of Derby and prebendary of Litchfield by his friend the present Archbishop of Canterbury.