George Lyttelton

Isaac Reed, in Dodsley, Collection of Poems (1782) 2:1-1n.

This noble author was born in the year 1709. He was the eldest son of Sir Thomas Lyttelton, of Hagley in Worcestershire, and received his education at Eton, where he was so much distinguished, that his exercises were recommended as models to his school-fellows. From Eton he went to Christ Church, Oxford, but staid there only a short time. He then travelled through France and Italy, and, soon after his return to England, in 1735, obtained a seat in Parliament, where he became a violent opposer of Sir Robert Walpole's administration. In the year 1741, he married Miss Lucy Fortescue, the lady to whom several of the following Poems are addressed; and in 1744, was made one of the Lords of the Treasury. He frequently after this period was in place, and supported the measures of the Court. In 1756, he was created a Peer; and died at Hagley, August 22, 1773, aged 64 years.