Moses Mendez

Isaac Reed, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1782) 1:311-12.

MOSES MENDEZ, Esq. This gentleman was a Jew; and, if I am not mistaken, either a stock-broker or a notary-public. He was a person of considerable genius, of an agreeable behaviour, entertaining in conversation, and had a very pretty turn for poetry. On the 19th of June 1750, he was created M.A. by the university of Oxford. He was, what poets rarely are, extremely rich, being supposed to be at the time of his death, which happened the 4th day of February 1758, worth one hundred thousand pounds. He wrote four little dramatic pieces, all of which met with success; and some of the songs, in two of them, still continue favourites with persons of poetical and musical taste.

1. Chaplet. Musical Entertainment. 8vo. 1749.
2. The Shepherd's Lottery. M. E. 8vo. 1751.
3. The Double Disappointment. F. 8vo. 1753.