Rev. John Brown

David Erskine Baker, in Companion to the Play-House (1764) 2:Sig D1-D1v.

This Gentleman is a Clergyman and Doctor in Divinity, and is possessed of some Church Preferment in the Northern Part of this Kingdom. He has very justly acquired a great Reputation by some of his Prose Writings, more particularly by his Estimate of the Manners of the Times; and as a Poet, tho' he cannot be consider'd as the first, yet he is undoubtedly very far from the least considerable of our present Writers. — The Stage stands indebted to him for two dramatic Pieces, the Success of which has been different, yet has not I think done any great Honour to public Taste, since his Atholstan, which I cannot help thinking much the more original and better executed Piece of the two, has never been performed since the Season of its first Appearance, while Barbarossa, whose Design is much too nearly approaching to that of Merope and some other of our modern Tragedies, still continues on the List of acting Plays.