Robert Lloyd

David Erskine Baker, in Companion to the Play-House (1764) 2:Sig. U4.

Mr. Robert Lloyd, was formerly one of the Ushers of Westminster School, but at present I believe employs his literary Talents mostly in the Service of the Press. — He was Author of a Poem called the Actor, which not only gave Proofs of great Judgment in the Subject he was treating of, but had also the Merit of smooth Versification and great Strength of Poetry. — Some little Poems, however, which he has published since, seem scarcely equal to the Specimen of Abilities set forth in that Piece. — In the Beginning of the Poetical War, which for some Time past raged among the living Wits of this Age, and to which the celebrated Rosciad sounded the first Charge, Mr. Lloyd was suspected to be the Author of that Poem. — That Charge, however, he exculpated himself from, by an Advertisement in the public Papers, on which Occasion the real Author, Mr. Churchill, boldly step'd forth, and in the same public Manner declared himself; and drew on that Torrent of Anti-Rosciads, Apologies, Murphiads, Churchilliads, Examiners, &c. which for a long Time kept up the Attention and employed the Geniuses of the greatest Part of the critical World.

Mr. Lloyd is said to be Author of one little dramatic Piece of last Season's Growth, entitled, Arcadia. Pastoral.