David Mallet

David Erskine Baker, in Companion to the Play-House (1764) 2:Sig. X.

David Mallet, Esq; a North-Briton, was Tutor to the Duke of Montrose, and to his Brother Lord George Graham. — He was Secretary to the late Prince of Wales. — He married a Lady of very considerable Fortune; and has always lived, and been respected as a Gentleman. — He is now Keeper of the Books of Entries for Ships in the Port of London.

He was the Editor of a new and compleat Edition of Lord Bacon's Works, to which he prefixed a Life of that great Man; and published the Philosophical Works of the late Lord Bolingbroke, agreeable to his Lordship's last Will and Testament.

His dramatic Pieces are,

1. Eurydice. Trag.

2. Mustapha. Trag.

3. Alfred. Masque, written in Conjunction with the late Mr. James Thomson, Author of the Seasons.

4. Britannia, a Masque, 1755.

5. Elvira. Trag. altered from La Motte; who founded this Play on the famous Story of Agnes de Castro, which Camoens has so beautifully introduced in his Lusiad. — Mr. Mallet's Tragedy was acted with moderate Applause, at Drury-Lane House, in January 1763. — The indifferent Success it met with may, in Part, be ascribed to the unlucky Juncture in which it appeared; at a Time when Party-Prejudice ran high against the Scottish Nation, on Account of the unpopular Administration of the Earl of Bute, to whom Elvira was dedicated.

Mr. Mallet's other Works are collected in three vol. 12mo, among which the most considerable are,

1. That sweet Ballad, entitled William and Margaret.

2. The Excursion, a Poem, in two Cantos.

3. Amyntor and Theodora, or the Hermit. — This Piece was originally intended for the Stage; but the Author afterwards chose to alter his Plan.

There was likewise an additional Collection of Poems by this Author, published in 1762, in a thin Volume, Octavo; consisting of small Pieces on several Occasions.