Frances Brooke

Stephen Jones, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1812) 1:71-72.

This lady, whose maiden name was Moore, was the daughter of a clergy man, and the wife of the Rev. John Brooke, rector of Colney, in Norfolk, of St. Augustine, in the city of Norwich, and chaplain to the garrison of Quebec. Her husband died Jan. 21, 1789; and she herself on the 26th of the same month, at Sleaford, at the house of her son, who had preferment in that part of the country.

Mrs. Brooke was a lady of first-rate abilities, and as remarkable for gentleness of manners, as for her literary talents. She wrote and published some admirable novels (among which were, Lady Julia Mandeville, Emily Montague, Marquis of St. Forlaix, and The Excursion); a periodical paper, called The Old Maid; a translation of Milot's Elements of the History of England; and the following dramas:

1. Virginia. T. 8vo. 1783.

2. Siege of Sinope. T. 8vo. 1781.

3. Rosina. C. O. 8vo. 1783.

4. Marian. M. E. 8vo. 1788.