Dr. Henry Harington

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 145-46.

HENRY HARINGTON, M.D. born at Kelston, Somersetshire 1727, educated in his father's house under the tuition of the late Rev. Dr. Fothergill, and at Queen's Coll. Oxford, of which he was entered 1745. In 1753 he commenced the practice of his profession at Wells, in Somersetshire, whence he removed in a few years to Bath where he has ever since resided. He has long been a Magistrate, and about twenty years since served the office of Mayor of that city. Dr. H. is much attached to the kindred pursuits of poetry and music; many beautiful fugitive productions have issued from his pen, some of which have found their way into print, and he has the honour of being the founder of the Harmonic Society of Bath. On quitting the University he married a Miss Musgrave, and had the misfortune, a few years since, to lose his eldest son Sir Edward, who was knighted on presenting an address to the King, in his official capacity of chief magistrate of his native city.