Bp. Thomas Percy

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 2:128.

Lord Bishop of Dromore, in the kingdom of Ireland. His Lordship published, in 1761, HAU KIOU CHOANN, or the pleasing History, a Chinese Romance, in four duodecimo volumes. This literary curiosity is a translation from the Chinese language, which his Lordship had revised from a manuscript (dated 1719) found among the papers of a gentleman who had large concerns in the East India Company, and who occasionally resided much at Canton. In 1765, his Lordship presented the public with a very elegant and curious Collection of Reliques of ancient English Poetry, published by Dodsley, in three duodecimo volumes; and six years afterward, he published the Hermit of Warkworth, a Northumbrian ballad. In the class of divinity, we believe, his Lordship has only printed a single Sermon. For the curious anecdotes and literary information, to found in the Edition of the Tatler with Illustrations and Notes, historical, biographical, and critical, published in six octavo volumes in the 1786, the public is principally indebted to this prelate, though it was finished and edited by another hand.