James Pettit Andrews

Anonymous, "Anecdotes of the Author" European Magazine 16 (Sepember 1789) 172.

Mr. ANDREWS is brother to the benevolent Baronet whose name stands to the Dedication before this work [Anecdotes], and amongst the foremost in almost every work of humanity or public utility. After a youth of dissipation, and some foreign travel, he married a Cornish lady, and retired to a house of his own building in Berkshire, where he spent near twenty years in the distribution of justice to his neighbours as a magistrate, a capacity in which he was uncommonly discerning and active. His leisure-time he employed in study, and drawing up works for the press; for though an anonymous, Mr. Andrews has been a voluminous writer; and many pamphlets, which the public have much favoured, owe their origin to him, although unknown. His library, which is large and exceedingly curious, supplied him with ample materials. A few years ago his attention to the interest of his children brought him to reside near town. He has one son in the army, one in the navy, and one daughter, who is said to be singularly noted for her performance on the harp.