James Pettit Andrews

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 1:14-15.

Brother to Sir Joseph Andrews. He published in 1789, a six-penny pamphlet, entitled, Advice to the Prince of Wales; and since that time, and entertaining volume of anecdotes, in octavo. In 1795, Mr. Andrews completed the first volume of The History of Great Britain, Connected with the Chronology of Europe, in quarto — a very valuable design, executed thus-far with great ability: he is at present engaged in writing a History of England, in continuation of the ingenious and useful plan of the late Dr. Henry: of this work he published the first volume, in quarto, in 1796, which affords so favourable a specimen, that it is hoped much instruction, entertainment, and information will be derived from it. Mr. Andrew's talents appear to be peculiarly adapted to the historic page, and, as he is a diligent and indefatigable antiquary, his work is likely to be enriched with the most curious anecdotes and valuable observations.