Andrew Erskine

Alexander Campbell, in Introduction to the History of Poetry in Scotland (1798) 246-47.

Mr. Erskine, the grandson of Pitcairn, reflected the highest honour on his descent. His wit and taste in polite literature, as well as knowledge of the fine arts, have entitled him to be ranked among the literati of Scotland. His probity, honour, benevolence, and warmth of affection will be long remembered by all who knew him. Several of his pieces were inserted in Donaldson's collection already mentioned. His TOWN ECLOGUES were written about this time, but were not published, as appears by an advertisement, till eight or ten years afterwards. They were published at London, and printed for T. Caddel, in the Strand; and A. Kincaid, and W. Creech, Edinburgh, (without date.) He was also the author of She's not him, and he's not her, a farce of two acts, printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid, for Alexander Donaldson, 1764.