William Combe

Anonymous, Obituary in New Monthly Magazine NS 9 (August 1823) 379.

This gentleman, long known to the literary world, died lately at his apartments, Lambeth-road, in the eighty-second year of his age. He originally excited great attention in the fashionable world by a poem entitled The Diaboliad, the hero of which was generally understood to be a nobleman lately deceased. The Tour of Dr. Syntax in search of the Picturesque, The English Dance of Death and The Dance of Life, The History of Johnny Quae Genus, The Little Foundling of the late Dr. Syntax, (all illustrated from the designs of Mr. Rowlandson,) were among his latest and most popular productions. He was also the author of The Devil upon two Sticks in England, and of several political pamphlets, which made a considerable impression on the public, among which were the Royal Interview, A Letter from a Country Gentleman to his Friend in Town, A Word in Season, and many others. He also wrote those Letters which appeared under the title of Letters from the late Lord Lyttleton. Mr. Coombe began life under the most favourable auspices. He was educated at Eton and Oxford. He possessed great talents, and a very fine person, as well as a good fortune, which, unhappily, he soon dissipated among the high connexions to which his talents and attainments introduced him, and he subsequently passed through many vicissitudes of life, which at length compelled him to resort to literature for support.