William Boscawen

Anonymous, Obituary in Monthly Magazine 31 (May 1811) 480.

William Boscawen, esq. a commissioner of the victualling-office, nephew to the celebrated Admiral Boscawen. He was educated at Eton, and brought up to the profession of the law, but resigned his gown for his appointment in the victualling-office. His literary productions have been: A Treatise on Convictions on Penal Statutes, 8vo. 1792. The Works of Horace, translated into English Verse, 2 vols. 8vo. 1793, 1797. The Progress of Satire, an essay in verse, with Notes, containing Remarks on the Pursuits of Literature, an 8vo. pamphlet, 1798. Supplement to the Progress of Satire, containing Remarks on the Answer that has been attempted to be given to it, an 8vo. pamphlet, 1799. In the two latter, Mr. Boscawen defends himself against the attacks of the author of the Pursuits of Literature, with a manliness and generosity of sentiment which appear to great advantage, when contrasted with that obloquy of character which marks his rival. In his translation of Horace, on which performance his reputation as an author chiefly rests, he has been most successful in the Odes; and it is not contemptible praise to admit, that his version of it, generally speaking, the best we have of that admired poet.