William Roscoe

Peter L. Courtier, in Lyre of Love (1806) 2:121.

The celebrated biographer of Lorenzo del Medici, a native of Liverpool, received his education at the Free-School in that city, and was afterwards articled to an attorney residing there. Mr. Roscoe gave early specimens of poetic genius. He is author of an unfinished poem on The Wrongs of Africa, of several popular detached poems, and, in 1798, he presented to the public a poem entitled The Nurse, from the Italian of Luigi Tansillo. It is from this volume that the following beautiful tribute of connubial affection is transcribed; and to the object of it we are probably indebted for the Translation of which it is introductory.

No longer trammelled by the plodding details of legal practice, Mr. Roscoe is enabled to pursue the brilliant career of literary honour. He has eight children, on one of whom Nature appears to have entailed the genius of the father.