Rev. Thomas Maurice

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 229.

He is the son of a gentleman who presided many years over the grammar school at Hertford. Late in life he married the mother of our author, who with another son, on the death of the father, was left to the care of the mother. An imprudent marriage on her part proved destructive to the fortune of the children, and in this distressing state Dr. Parr received the subject of the present article under his care and tuition. That eminent scholar not only directed his studies but afforded him a liberal support. From Dr. Parr's seminary he removed to University College, Oxford, where he had Sir William Scott for his tutor. On entering into holy orders he became curate of Woodford, and afterwards of Epping. In 1786 he married the daughter of T. Pearce, Esq. captain in the India service, but lost his lady in 1790. Soon after his marriage he entertained the design of publishing the History of India, a work of great magnitude, importance, and difficulty. Though he addressed the Court of Directors on the subject he experienced but little encouragement, which however did not deter him from proceeding in the undertaking, and in 1793 he produced the first volume solely at his own expense. The only situation which Mr. Maurice has obtained as the reward of his literary labours, has been the office of assistant librarian to the British Museum; besides which it is understood that he enjoys the pension formerly possessed by the poet Cowper.