Elizabeth Sheridan

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine 62 (July 1792) 674.

At Bristol Hotwells, of a deep decline, Mrs. Sheridan, wife of Richard S. esq. She was the daughter of Mr. Linley, of Bath, and married to Mr. S. April 24, 1773, and had by him several children. Eminent were this lamented lady's acquirements — rich her original powers to instruct of to amuse. Harmony was completely hers; and that best harmony, which is in the mind, gave an interest to every thing which she did and uttered.

Cecilia now is dead — dead ere her prime,
Nor has the lovely minstrel left her peer.

Her form and features corresponded with such large mental endowments — the tenderest sensibility was the character of her countenance, the most perfect proportion that of her frame. An indescribable grace had polished the whole so exquisitely, that it was impossible to contemplate Mrs. Sheridan without affection. Providence did not shock with the sudden loss of so much merit the mind of him most deeply interested. Months have beheld her fading before the fever of disease, and gliding, by imperceptible gradations, towards the grave. — Her remains were interred, July 7, in the cathedral at Wells, in the same vault with her lovely sister, the late Mrs. Tickell, who died a few years since.

In obitum
forma, voce, atque ingenio,
inter ornatas ornatissimae,
ab imo amores ita suspirat amicus.

Eheu! eheu! lugeant mortales!
Eja vero gaudeant coelestes!
Dulces ad amplexus,
socians jam citherae melos,
redit pergrata,
en! iterum foror;
suavivsquae nil manet