Rev. William Beloe

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 1:44-45.

A gentleman who holds a very honourable station in the republic of letters. He published in the year 1784, an Ode to Miss Boscawen, in quarto: and, in 1786, the Rape of Helen, from the Greek of Coluthus, with miscellaneous notes, likewise in quarto, and anonymous. He afterward published a volume of Poems and Translations, in octavo, in which this poem was reprinted, and which contains The Pursuit of Health, a very pretty poem. These performances have not perhaps obtained for Mr. Beloe's poetical talents the credit of first rate excellence: and his reputation seems to have been more completely established by a Translation of Herodotus, in four volumes, octavo. He has not, however, been without a competitor for fame in this ground: and soon after the above publication, a first volume of a Translation of Herodotus, by Mr. Lempriere, in octavo, made its appearance, and the completion of the work was hinted to depend on the success which this first specimen experience. No continuation of this translation has hitherto appeared, and Mr. Beloe has been generally acknowledged to have little cause for apprehension from a comparison of the specimen published with the correspondent part of his own work. The literary world are farther indebted to Mr. Below for a translation of Aulus Gelius, in three volumes, octavo: and, in 1795, he published three duodecimo volumes of miscellanies.