Rev. Richard Polwhele

Anonymous, "Biographical List of Living English Poets" Gentleman's Magazine 62 (July 1792) 615.

The Rev. Richard Polwhele, of Kenton, near Exeter, who, I presume, is of an ancient Cornish family, is distinguished for his elegant fancy, his great classical learning, and the variety of his acquirements. He has translated Theocritus; is author of The English Orator, has written Sonnets, which he published 1785, under the title of Pictures from Nature, and has produced a Volume of Sermons, besides probably other things. He has now undertaken to write The History of the County of Devon, and though, perhaps, his knowledge of that kind might not be, when he engaged in it, very copious, or minute; yet the application of minds so accomplished to such subjects is the only grace upon them; and there is no reason to doubt, that, from his pervading talents and indefatigable application, he will do the undertaking ample justice.