Joseph Cooper Walker

Anonymous, "Account of Joseph C. Walker, Esq." European Magazine 15 (June 1789) 430.

JOSEPH C. WALKER, Esq. was born in Dublin. He received his first school education under Dr. Ball, and completed his studies under the care of private tutors. Besides a knowledge of the dead he is acquainted with the living languages, and unites all the fashionable accomplishments of the age. His person is about the middle size, neat and regularly formed; his features handsome, and his eyes dark and animated; his manner is easy and polite; and his conversation lively and sensible.

We are well assured, that though this young gentleman has produced works that would do honour to an hoary antiquary, his age does not exceed twenty-five or six years; and that still unmarried, he enters into all the gay amusements of the age.

In the year 1787 Mr. Walker was admitted a member of the Royal Irish Academy; and soon after chosen Secretary to the Committee of Antiquaries, an office which he held for two years. He has since been admitted an Honorary Member of a Scotch and Italian Academy.

Our Author's first publication was, Historical Memoirs of the Bards and Music of Ireland, a work equally curious and entertaining. In the year 1788 he gave the public another work, not less curious, and equally amusing, entitled, An Historical Essay on the Dress, Armour, and Weapons of the Irish. And in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy for the last year we find an elegant little essay, from our author's pen, on the Irish Stage. In all these works Mr. Walker displays deep research, and an extensive knowledge in polite literature; and he treats his subject, however abstruse, with an ease, liveliness, and elegance that charms his readers.

Our author, we are informed, holds an employment under the Government of Ireland. Some of his publications are dated from the Treasury Chamber.