Rev. Luke Booker

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 33.

REV. LUKE BOOKER, LL.D. Vicar of Dudley, Worcestershire, and Rector of Tedstone Delamere, Herefordshire, of which county he is also a Magistrate. He is a native of Nottingham, where his father was a schoolmaster, who by four wives had thirteen children: four of these were sons, to whom he gave the names of the four evangelists. Dr. B. was for many years minister of St. Edmund's, a Chapel of Ease in Dudley, and on leaving it in 1806, to enter upon the rectory of Tedstone Delamere, was presented by his congregation with a valuable piece of plate "as a token of esteem for his long, zealous, and faithful services." In 1812 he returned to the former parish, on being presented by Lord Viscount Dudley and Ward to the living of Dudley. In 1810 Dr. B. had the affliction to lose his eldest son, a promising youth, nearly fourteen years of age, in consequence of an accident occasioned at school by gunpowder. He is the author of:

The Highlanders, a poem, 4to. 1787. — Poems, on Subjects sacred, moral, and entertaining, 3 v. 18mo. 1788. — A Sermon preached at Old Swinford, Worcesterhire, 4to. 1788. — Miscellaneous Poems, 8vo. 1790. — A Sermon preached at St. Edmund's, Dudley, for the purpose of erecting in it a monument to the memory of its founder, Mr. George Bradley, 8vo. 1791. — Sermons, 8vo. 1792. — Malvern, a descriptive and historical Poem, 4to. 1798. — The Hop Garden, a poem, 8vo. 1799. — A Discourse on the Duty and Advantages of inoculating Children with the Cow-pox, . . 1802. — Calista, or a Picture of Modern Life, a poem, 4to. 1803, 8vo. — Christian Intrepidity, a Sermon on the Fast-day, 1803, 8vo. — Tobias, a poem, 8vo. 1805. — Illustrations of the Litany, 8vo. 1807. — An Address to Parliament on the Necessity of enlarging the Accommodations in Parish Churches, 8vo. 1809. — Sermon on the Jubilee, preached at St. Philip's, Birmingham, for the benefit of the Infirmary in that town, 1809. — The Temple of Truth, or the United Church of England and Ireland proved to be built upon the Prophets and Apostles, 8vo. 1810. — Of the following productions of Dr. B's pen the dates have not been ascertained: A Fast Sermon, with an Address to the common people on riots, ... , — A Fast Sermon, with an Address to British Soldiers, ... , — A Sermon preached at St. Philip's, Birmingham, for the benefit of the Blue Coat Charity School in that town, .... — An Address to the Dudley Loyal Association, delivered at the Consecration of their Colours, .... — A Plain Form of Christian Worship, for the use of Work-houses and Infirmaries, .... — Select Psalms and Hymns for the use of Churches, ....