Rev. William Lisle Bowles

Anonymous, "Biographical List of Living English Poets" Gentleman's Magazine 62 (August 1792) 690.

The Rev. William Lisle Bowles is, I believe, a native of London, and was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, where he obtained the undergraduate prize from the University for the best Latin verses of his year. He has published several poems, as Sonnets; Verses to the Philanthropic Society; to the Memory of John Howard, a Monody, written at Matlock, &c.; in most of which there is a pathos, a fancy, a melancholy, and moral turn, that are highly pleasing; but throughout by far too much laxity and carelessness. His young friends, Headley (who, I believe, was educated under Dr. Parr) and Russell, a Wickhamist, both of very promising poetical talents, died in the flower of their age, and are, if I recollect right, celebrated by him. The original poems of the former (not his selections from our old bards, a book which I cannot help thinking very imperfect) I have never seen, and should be glad to be informed where they are to be had.