George Colman the Younger

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 71-72.

GEORGE COLMAN, junior (for so this gentleman continues to style himself, though his father died in 1794) the son of the late George C. Esq. distinguished as the translator of Terence, a successful dramatic writer and proprietor of the Haymarket Theatre. He was born about 1767 and educated at Westminster School, whence he removed to Christ Church College, Oxford, but finished his studies at King's College, Aberdeen. On his return to London he was entered of the Temple, with a view to qualify himself for the bar, but soon renounced that intention in favour of the muses. In 1789, when his father's mental derangement rendered him incapable of superintending the concerns of his theatre, the management of it was committed to his son, to whom on the death of his parent his majesty was pleased to transfer the patent. The alienation of part of this property has led to misunderstandings which have become the subject of investigation in the Court of Chancery, and occasioned the house to be shut up during the last season. From these proceedings it appears that Mr. C. though he still holds the situation of manager of that theatre, has for some time been an inmate of the King's Bench. He is the author of the following pieces, four of which (marked G) were published under the assumed name of Arthur Griffenhoof, of Turnham Green [list omitted].