Elizabeth Trefusis

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine 78 (September 1808) 859.

At her house in James-street, Westminster, in the 45th year of her age, after a long and severe illness, which she bore with pious resignation, the Hon. Miss Trefusis, sister to the late and aunt to the present Lord Clinton. Of her taste and genius the publick have just seen a specimen, in several beautiful pieces of Poetry. (See p. 725.) Great, as those qualities confessedly were, they equalled not her virtue. To the poor she was a liberal, and, if her circumstances be considered, a munificent benefactress. The tale of want never reached her ear in vain; and though it may be feared that she sometimes gave away unwisely, yet the purity of her motives always ennobled her bounty. As a companion, she was pleasant, cheerful, and instructive; as a friend, faithful and affectionate; and one of the last acts of her innocent and benevolent life was to prove her tender attachment to her family, by bequeathing the residue of her once ample fortune to a beloved sister, to whom she was deservedly endeared.