Elizabeth Trefusis

W. H. K. Wright, in West-Country Poets (1896) 447-48.

This lady, according to the Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, was the second daughter of Robert C. Trefusis, and sister of Robert G. W. Trefusis, seventeenth Baron Clinton. She was born January 16, 1762, and died at James Street, Westminster, August 8, 1808. She was buried at St. Margaret's, Westminster. Her name is included in Rowton's Female Poets of Great Britain (1848); and Polwhele has a poem in one of his collections addressed to her. Her chief work appears to be Poems and Tales, in two vols., published 1808, dedicated to William, Gifford, Esq., as follows: "To you, my dear Sir, whose indulgent approbation of my productions first encouraged me to publish, I dedicate these poems. I confide in your known liberality to forgive the liberty I take in doing so without your permission. Three of them only have appeared in print, and these I presented to the Editor of the Satirist. The dedication, as a tribute of friendship, is but small; for had I known a man of superior worth and talents, to him I should have inscribed them."

The British Museum copy of Miss Trefusis' poems contains extensive manuscript additions, being poems, songs, and tales by her. This copy was purchased at the sale of the Rev. F. J. Stainforth's Library, in 1867. Some verses by her appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine (1808).