Rev. George Richards

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 2:197-98.

Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and a gentleman whose poetical talents have very considerable claims to distinction. We believe that his first publication was his beautiful poem, The Aboriginal Britons, which was printed in 1791, having been publicly recited at Oxford during an Act, in consequence of a prize adjudged to its author, the donation of an unknown person. Almost all the copies, of the first impression of this masterly production, were sold on the day of publication. Mr. Richard's subsequent pieces have been, Songs of the Aboriginal Bards of Britain, published in a quarto pamphlet, in 1792; Modern France, a poem, published in a quarto pamphlet the year following; and Matilda, or the Dying Penitent, a poetical epistle, published in a quarto pamphlet, in 1795: all of which are worthy of the author of the Aboriginal Britons. If this gentleman shall prove duly attentive to the cultivation of his talent for poetry, these specimens of his early years assuredly afford us the highest promise.