Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Peter L. Courtier, in Lyre of Love (1806) 2:118.

Mr. Coleridge was born at St. Mary Ossory in Devonshire, and educated at Christ's Hospital in London; whence, probably on the foundation, he was sent to Jesus' College in Cambridge. His poems, by which he has acquired durable fame, appeared first at Bristol, and were then republished, with additions, in London. He has occasionally amused himself with assisting in the paper-war of politics. Mr. Coleridge is now at Malta, as Secretary to Sir A. Ball.

SARA is the poetical appellation assigned by this poet to his wife, formerly Miss Sarah Fricker. She is sister to the widow of Robert Lovell, a gentleman whose poems were inserted in Mr. Southey's first publication; and she is also sister to the present Mrs. Southey. Three poets married three sisters. Those who recollect the project once indulged by Coleridge, Southey, &c. of an amicable emigration to America, where these poetical friends fondly proposed to imitate the simplicity of the patriarchal life, will perceive that their intercourse, however fanciful, founded in similarity of taste, was to be strengthened by the most interesting ties of consanguinity.