Mary Tighe

D. J. O'Donoghue, in Poets of Ireland (1912) 454.

MARY TIGHE. — Psyche, or the Legend of Love, a poem, London, 1795; another edition, 1805, 16mo; do., with other poems, London, 1811, 4to; third edition, London, 1811, 8vo; fourth edition, London 1812, 1812, 8vo; another edition, Philadelphia, 1812, 12mo; fifth edition (with portrait), London, 1816, 8vo; another edition, London, 1843, 16mo.

This excellent poetess was the daughter of the Rev. Wm. Blachford, and was born in Dublin on October 9, 1772. She married Henry Tighe, M.P., her cousin, 1793, and died on March 24, 1810. She was greatly esteemed by all who knew her for her personal qualities, while her poems and sonnets won a considerable reputation. Some unpublished pieces of hers are given in The Amulet for 1827-28. For information about her parents, Crookshank's Memorable Women of Irish Methodism should be consulted. She was the sister-in-law and cousin of Wm. Tighe (q.v.) who edited the fourth edition of her poems. She lived at Rosanna, Co. Wicklow, and was buried at Inistoge, Co. Kilkenny, where there is a memorial of her.