Rev. John Graham

D. J. O'Donoghue, in Poets of Ireland (1912) 167.

REV. JOHN GRAHAM. — God's Revenge Against Rebellion, an historical poem on the State of Ireland, Dublin 1820, 8vo; Historical Poetry, with biographical notes, Londonderry, 1823, 8vo; The King's Vision, an historical poem, Dublin, 1822, 8vo; Sir Harcourt's Vision, an historical poem, Dublin, 1823, 8vo; Poems, chiefly historical, Belfast, 1828, 8vo.

One or two of the above were anonymous. Also published a history of Ireland and several other works, mostly relating to Derry, and edited Ashton's Battle of Aughrim. He is represented in Young's Orange Melodist, Johnston's Boyne Book of Poetry and Song, and similar works. He was born in Co. Longford, in 1774; educated T. C. D. (B.A., 1798; M.A. 1815); ordained inn 1799; became Rector of Tamlaght-Ard, Co. Derry, and died at Magilligan Glebe, in that county, on March 6, 1844. Writer for Warder (1823-28), sometimes over signature of "An Apprentice Boy." See Croker's Popular Songs, and Historical Songs, for pieces by him, and references. He is the best of all the Orange poets. He is said to have written witty parodies of all of Moore's Melodies.