John Norden

John Aubrey, in Brief Lives, 1669-1696; ed. Clark (1898) 2:94-95.

John Norden — from Mr. Bagford, a good antiquary, Mr. Crump's acquaintance.

He lived at Fulham, and (perhaps) died there.

He made mappes of Middlesex, Hartfortshire, Surrey, and Hampshire, and also Cornwall; and he did not only make the mappes aforesaid but hath writt descriptions of them, which Mr. Bagford hath, in quarto. The description of Cornwall (I thinke) was not printed; but Dr. Gale of Paule's schoole hath it in manuscript, quod. N. B.

He printed a booke called a Preparative to Speculum Britanniae, in 8vo; item, his Travellers Guide, in 4to.

Mr. Morgan, the herald painter, gives us an account in his Armorie, that he had, in his custodie, Kent, Essex, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, and Hants.

In the end of Mr. Gregorie's posthumous workes, he gives us an account of the excellency of Mr. Norden's mappes, and Saxton's too.

His dialogues I have, in 4to, printed first, 1610; dedicated to [Robert] Cecil, earle of Salisbury, whose servant he was, (I suppose) steward or surveyor.

Sometime or other I will looke into the church at Fulham: he died ('tis thought) in King James the first raigne.

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