Peter Bayley

William Bates, in Maclise Gallery (1883; 1898) 514.

There is yet another Bayley — Peter to wit. This was a clever man about town, in the Georgian epoch, concerning whom very little is now known. He published a volume of Poems (1803, 8vo); and later on, became editor of The Museum. We have from his pen, though published anonymously, a very clever social satire, entitled Sketches from St. George's Fields, by Giorgione di Castel Chiuso (London, Robert Stodart, 1820, 8vo); followed, in 1831, by a second series, of equal bulk. I feel sure that Lowndes is wrong, in attributing these volumes, in his Bibliographer's Manual, to J. C. Hobhouse; and that "Olphar Hamst" (Ralph Thomas) is right in ascribing them, in his Hand-Book of Ficticious Names assumed by Authors of the XIXth Century (1868, 8vo), to the writer of whom I am speaking. They are illustrated throughout by woodcut head and tail pieces of rare excellence, from designs signed "B," which I should attribute to W. H. Brooke. In my copy these are carefull coloured; but I have seen no other in which they have been so treated. The book is well worth looking up, but it is no easy matter to get both series. Mr. Peter Bayley died March 25th, 1823, as he was proceeding in a carriage to the Opera House.