John Herman Merivale

W. H. K. Wright, in West-Country Poets (1898) 329.

This distinguished man was the son of John Merivale, of Barton Place, near Cowley Bridge, Exeter, and was born on August 5, 1779. His mother was Ann, daughter of Herman Katencamp, a merchant of Exeter, of German extraction, whose younger daughter, Wilhelmina, became the wife of the Rev. Richard Hole, Rector of Farringdon, and a prominent member of the Exeter Literary Society. John Herman Merivale was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, and practiced for many years as a barrister in the Court of Chancery, and later in life as a Commissioner in Bankruptcy. He was one of the principal contributors to the Translations from the Greek Anthology, published by the Rev. Robert Bland in 1806, a second edition of which appeared in 1813, and was the editor of a third edition, considerably enlarged, which was published in 1833. In 1814 he published Orlando in Roncesvalles, a poem in five cantos, and in 1838 two volumes of his collected Poems, Original and Translated, to which he added, in 1844, a third volume of translations from the minor poems of Schiller. He was well known in literary circles in London as an accomplished man of letters and a frequent contributor to the principal reviews of the day; he also wrote many pamphlets on legal questions. He married Louisa Heath, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Drury, of Cockwood House, Dawlish, by whom he had twelve children. His eldest son was Herman, whose historical works and articles on political economy are so well known. John Herman Merivale died in 1844.