Edward Thurlow

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 348.

EDWARD, LORD THURLOW is the son of the late Dr. Thomas Thurlow, Bishop of Durham, brother of the great Lord Chancellor Thurlow. The mother of his lordship was a woman of a very low extraction, and when the Doctor married her, she had not received the least education. As the chancellor had no legitimate issue of his own, he procured a settlement of his title on the sons of his brother the bishop. The present Lord was educated at the Charter-House, and afterwards at Cambridge. He is now law clerk of the presentations in the Petty Bag Office, Patentee of the Bankrupts Office, Clerk of the Custody of Lunatics and Idiots, one of the Clerks of the Hanaper, and one of the Prothonotaries of the Court of Chancery, in reversion. In 1814 he married the accomplished Miss Bolton, of Covent Garden Theatre, the daughter of an attorney in Long Acre.