Barron Field

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine NS 25 (June 1846) 646.

April 11. At his residence, Meadfoot House, Torquay, in his 60th year, Barron Field, esq. late Chief Justice of Gibraltar.

Mr. Field was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, June 23, 1814. He was formerly Advocate Fiscal at Ceylon, afterwards Chief Justice of New South Wales, and finally Chief Justice at Gibraltar.

When only a student at the Inner Temple, he published, in 1811, an Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries, in 8vo.

Since his retirement from his judicial functions, and return to this country, he had devoted considerable attention to dramatic literature. He was the editor of some of the works of the Shakespeare Society, as, The True Tragedie of Richard the Third, printed by the Society in 1844, and two Plays by Thomas Heywood, issued during the present year; and it was his intention to have completed, at intervals, the collection of Heywood's Dramatic Works, and to have introduced the whole by a biographical account of the poet. The Council of the Society in their recent report have expressed their deep regret at his loss, and their sense of his great qualifications and accomplishments as an editor, and his disinterested zeal in the cause of literature.