Richard Henry Dana

Samuel Kettell, in Specimens of American Poetry (1829) 3:1.

RICHARD H. DANA was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and studied at the college in that place. He has been a lawyer, and was for a time one of the editors of the North American Review. He lives at present in his native town.

Mr. Dana's poetry is of recent date, but his prose works have for some years made the public familiar with him, as a writer of the first order. His articles of criticism in the North American Review, may be classed with the ablest which have appeared in that journal. The Idle Man, a work which was issued in numbers in 1821 and '2, brought him still further into notice, although from the peculiar character of this performance, it was not relished by a very extensive class of readers, we think the public will agree with us in pronouncing it the production of an eminently poetical mind....