Rev. Edward Smedley

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine NS 6 (September 1836) 330.

June 29. At Dulwich, aged 47, the Rev. Edward Smedley, Prebendary of Lincoln. He was the son of the Rev. Edward Smedley, M.A. for many years one of the masters of Westminster School, and author of Erin, a poem, who died in 1825 (see Gent. Mag. vol. scv. ii. 284) and brother to the late Henry Smedley, esq. of whom a memoir is printed in vol. cii. i. 367. He was admitted a King's scholar at Westminster in 1800; removed to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1809 as 10th Junior Optime, and having been elected a Fellow of Sidney, proceeded M.A. 1812. He obtained one of the Members' classical prizes in 1810 and in 1811; and subsequently no less than four of the Seatonian prizes for English Poems: the subjects were, the Death of Saul and Jonathan, 1814; Jephtha, 1815; the Marriage of Cana 1827; Saul at Endor 1828. He published a poem entitled Prescience, and some others; also a History of the Reformed Religion in France, 3 vols. 12mo. and was the Editor of the Encyclopedia Metropolitana. His only ecclesiastical preferment was the prebend of Lafford or New Slaford, in the cathedral church of Lincoln, to which he was collated by Bishop Thomline in 1829, and of which the net income was only 14.