Joseph Ritchie

Anonymous, Obituary in Monthly Magazine 49 (May 1820) 384.

With great regret we learn the melancholy death of Joseph Ritchie, Esq., at Mourzuk, in Africa, about 400 miles south of Tripoli. He was a native of Otley, and was a young man of great abilities and enterprise; he was employed under the auspices of the African Association, to make discoveries in the interior of Africa, and particularly to endeavour to penetrate through the Great Desert of Tombucto. The death of this enterprising young man is particularly to be lamented, as we are afraid a knowledge of the interior of Africa will scarcely be accomplished in our days. How many men of science have fallen victim to their thirst for knowledge! Of six persons who accompanied Nehrbur the Danish traveller, in his tour through Arabia, he alone survived. Since then, Hornmann, Mungo Park, and Burckhardt, have also fallen a sacrifice to a climate which seems peculiarly obnoxious to European constitutions.