Dr. William Henry Bradley

Charles W. Everest, in Poets of Connecticut (1843) 307.

WILLIAM HENRY BRADLEY, son of Dr. WILLIAM BRADLEY, was born in Hartford, on the 24th of July, 1802. He received his education principally in Hartford and Boston, and was also for several years a member of a select school, under the charge of GEORGE HALL, at Medford, near Boston. After completing the academic course, he studied medicine, for a time, at New Haven, with the late Dr. NATHAN SMITH, and afterward in Hartford, and in Providence, in Rhode Island. In the autumn of 1824, he received his diploma, and in January, 1825, removed to Havanna, in the island of Cuba, with a view to a permanent residence. Here he commenced the practice of his profession under flattering auspices, but, in the following spring, fell a victim to the Yellow Fever, so common in that climate, and so generally fatal to foreigners.

Dr. BRADLEY wrote Giuseppino, an Occidental Story, which was published in 1822; and, while he resided in Providence, contributed many fugitive poems to the newspapers of that city. He was a young man of superior mind and accomplishments; and wrote with vigor and wit.