George Lunt

George and Evert Duyckinck, in Cyclopedia of American Literature (1856; 1875) 2:268.

GEORGE LUNT was born at Newburyport, Massachusetts. He was graduated at Harvard in 1824; was admitted to the bar in 1831; practised for awhile at his native place, and since 1848 has pursued the profession in Boston. In 1849, he was appointed U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts by President Taylor, and continued in office during his administration and that of President Fillmore.

In 1839, he published a volume of Poems, followed in 1843 by The Age of Gold and other Poems, and in 1854, by Lyric Poems, Sonnets, and Miscellanies. He is also the author of Eastford, or Household Sketches, by Wesley Brooke, a novel of New England Life, 1854; Three Eras of New England, 1857; Radicalism in Religion, Philosophy, and Social Life, 1858; The Union, a Poem, the Beginning of the Constitution to the Revolt of the Southern States, 1866; and Old New England Traits, 1873.