Robert Shelton Mackenzie

D. J. O'Donoghue, Poets of Ireland (1912) 284.

ROBERT SHELTON MACKENZIE was the son of Captain Kenneth Mackenzie, author of a volume of Gaelic poetry, and was born at Drew's Court, Co. Limerick, on June 22, 1809. Educated at Fermoy and Cork, and graduated M.D. in Dublin, but never practised his profession. Wrote verse for Dublin University Magazine (1837-38, etc.), Forget-Me-Not (1839, etc.), and was "Sholto" of Dublin and London Magazine (1825-27), and Lady's Magazine, and "R. S. M." of London Magazine. He was connected with the London press for some years, and eventually went to U.S.A., where he wrote for a number of papers, chiefly upon Irish matters. He died in Philadelphia on November 30, 1880. Among his works are his editions of "Noctes Ambrosianae" (five volumes), Dr. Maginn's works (also in five volumes), and Sheil's "Sketches," Sheridan Knowles' plays, and Lives of Curran, Sir Walter Scott, and Charles Dickens. He projected works on The Poets and Poetry of Ireland, The Men of '98, and Actors and Actresses, but did not live to publish them.